Americas Got Little Gymnasts!

Last night on Americas Got Talent I saw these little girls who go by Pixie Mistere. They say that they all do dance together, but don't mention any training in gymnastics which they clearly have. As a former gymnast I know these little girls are great! Now I think I got my standing tuck when I was about 11 and shortly moved to layout step-outs, but there little layout step-outs are amazing! A couple bent knees every once in a while but there little, ill let it slide lol! I dont really watch Americas Got Talent, but I caught it last night and this little routine was so cute and so great; and the girls themselves are actually really pretty! Good luck girls, you got quite the attention last night. Go ahead and check out the video!

Also this great girl that plays piano and sings performed. I loved her audition! Her name is BRI She is 17 and so cute and has a great voice too. She played a Jonas brother song the first time and this time she covered Lady GaGa in Poker Face. The only criticism I do have is that she only does pop covers, but whatever works right!

A Country Wedding for Lindsey

Oh our friends are all starting to get married! Good friends Travis and Angie are going to be married this weekend (August 22) at the K and K estates and it is going to be beautiful. I helped her with some of the fine detail ideas such as the boutonnieres and the center pieces, they are going to turn out great! At the same time I'm helping our newly engaged friends Sean and Lindsey with ideas for their wedding! Its going to be a simple country wedding venue still pending. Here are some ideas I've put together....

They are thinking of hay bales for seating and so I was thinking stumps at the end of each or every other row lining the aisle with lanterns on them and white petals along the entire thing. An iron arch would really be pretty too! The colors they are thinking of are orange and pink with gerbera daisies and sunflowers as their florals (seems like a trend these days). The kahki suits are amazing with this color combo. I just love these tractor chocolate pops! they are so cute and such a Sean thing as favors!

These wooden touches are great! Imagine a whole table with hour d'oeuvres displayed on these great thin wooden platters! and the cake stand is subtle, but makes a big statement! oh and the signature drink..... Whiskey Sours! mmmmm and one of Seans favorite! how fun!

Oh Polyvore!......a fashionistas dream

Not that I'm a fashionista, but if i was........
Polyvore is a great blog/fashion website that also allows you to create your own fashion sets. There are so many things that you can go and choose from; you can even upload your own. The greatest part is that it is REAL designer clothing and accessories that you could go get yourself. ie. If you designed an amazing look that you would love, you can go right through the site and see where you can buy the items and bring your look to life. The things on the site arent all $1,000 shoes or anything either, they have great things from stores like Forever 21 too! So go test it out...its a little addicting actually!!

Here are some of my own looks I've created..

casual couture

This is another fun one

couture street style

Addicted to "Addiction"

I had never watched the show "So you think you can dance?" but last night it had came on after another show and I was in and out of the room catching things here and there. I am so glad that I had sat down long enough to catch this absolutely amazing performance. It is by Kayla and Kupono to the song "Gravity" and it is a contemporary dance about addiction. It is moving and so emotional. You just have to watch!

This performance just makes me want to watch it over and over again. And makes me want to take dance lessons. I am so passionate about this piece

Who Knew wizards had fashion sense?

I happen to love Harry Potter! I have ever since the first movie. I am horrible that I have never really got into the books. I know the benefits to the books and that they are always better than the movies, but I have such a hard time sitting long enough to read! I plan to read them...after I finish the movies. lol.

On to my current obsession, something I'm so giddy about because its so exciting and least I thought. I saw that Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) is branching out into the world of fashion! I saw her being interviewed when being shot by Vogue magazine and was confused, intrigued, and excited about the whole thing. I recently saw the magazine and it turned out amazing! She looks like a real high fashion model. So victorian, and the clothes and settings are stunning.

After seeing these photos I looked up the wonderful Emma Watson and found that she is very fasionable in general, I also found these great Burberry ads that she was featured in. She looks like a real model!

My Daily Obsession: Carnival Weddings

How fun would it be to attend a wedding as fun as a carnival! you could have popcorn stands, and candied apples! Now it would have to be done tastefully of course. But this could be so fun to work with. Would you walk down to an accordion version of the wedding march? or have a petting zoo for the kids? oh my the possibilities...... I LOVE the light blue and red color palette in this wedding, and the bride is beautiful! Maybe even ride away on an elephant or a hot air balloon!

My Outdoor Affair

I love to plan and design and I received my biggest challenge yet! for the past year I was able to plan...and replan my own wedding. I've never had much experience with planning a wedding, and with how much emphasis that I always put on detail, I had my work cut out for me. I got my inspiration from everywhere, especially etsy and theknot. I love bright colors and had initially wanted yellow and orange as the two primary colors. I kicked in my design skills and ended up with a Grey and Yellow wedding with a vintage meets modern theme. It took place at Aspen Hall in the afternoon on June 21st. We designed everything, from the invitations to my hair. It all came together for a beautiful affair! Pictures still to come.....